Spring Semester 2020 - Credit Courses

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 Course TitleCredDaysTimeRoomSeats
Meets: 1/21/2020-5/14/2020
Kalispell Campus
NOTE: Lunch break included in listed class time. Internet access required.
2G Heide


Prerequisites: AHMT 201, AHMT 205, AHMT 210, AHMT 295v with a minimum score of 75% in both the lecture and lab portions of each course.Corequisites: AHMT 240, AHMT 295x. The course emphasizes the study of blood group antigens and antibodies of the ABO, Rh, and other blood group systems. Topics include donor screening, pre-transfusion testing procedures, detection of antigen/antibody reactions, which may affect transfusion, erythroblastosis fetalis, and neonatal and obstetrical transfusion practice. Particular emphasis is also placed on serological and transfusion service procedure used in the laboratory, including the processing and storing of the various blood components for transfusion.

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