Fall Semester 2016 - Credit Courses

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AHPT_205_01Anat and Kinesio for the PTA
Meets: 8/25/2016-12/15/2016
Kalispell Campus
Note: Students must apply for a select admission to the PTA Program.


BC 114

BC 114
0J Heil

J Robertson

Anat and Kinesio for the PTA

Prerequisite: AHPT 105.Corequisites: AHPT 101, AHPT 206, AHPT 210, and AHPT 218.This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the human musculoskeletal system relative to the biomechanical elements of normal and abnormal human motion as well as osteology and arthrology in relation to muscle action and joint mechanics. The study and skills of goniometry, manual muscle testing, and palpation will also be covered.

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