Fall Semester 2016 - Credit Courses

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CHMY_105NL_80Exploration in Chemistry
Meets: 8/25/2016-12/15/2016
Online Course
Note: Students will be required to obtain a lab kit with an associated deposit fee of $225.00, which will be refunded when the kit is returned intact. The $55 lab fee is for the consumable lab materials used from your kit and is nonrefundable. If you have any questions, contact Laura Damon at 406-756-3967.
4crArrArrangedOnline6J Alexander
Add'l Fee: $340.00

Exploration in Chemistry

Prerequisites: appropriate placement test score in math or grade of "C" or better in M 65, or chemistry department consent.An investigation of chemistry, including software and other tools, laboratory methods, and problem solving skills, topics in this course include the scientific method and its role in the continued development of chemistry; physical and chemical changes; chemical reactions; atoms, elements, and the periodic table; units of measure; dimensional analysis; uncertainty and propagation of error; states of matter; chemical bonding; writing and balancing chemical equations; naming chemical substances; and solving stoichiometry and limiting reactant problems.

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