Fall Semester 2016 - Credit Courses

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 Course TitleCredDaysTimeRoomSeats
ELCT_107_80Introduction to Electricity - Lecture
Meets: 8/25/2016-12/15/2016
Online Course
NOTE: Students must register for ELCT 107 80 and ELCT 108 01 concurrently.
2crArrArrangedOnline9C Vincent
Add'l Fee: $30.00

Introduction to Electricity - Lecture

Corequisite(s): ELCT 107 and ELCT 108 must be taken concurrently.This is an introductory class in electrical fundamentals. A practical approach will be used for the study of electricity including Ohm's Law; power; series and parallel circuits; direct and alternating current. A strong emphasis will be placed on diagrams and troubleshooting. Note: This course can be taken face-to-face as a 3-credit lecture/lab (ELCT 100) or online as a 2-credit lecture (ELCT 107) and a 1-credit lab (ELCT 108).

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