Fall Semester 2018 - Credit Courses

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 Course TitleCredDaysTimeRoomSeats
ELCT_210_01Advanced Current Theory
Meets: 8/29/2018-12/18/2018
Kalispell Campus
5crMTW8:00AM-9:50AMOT 11112B Brittenham
Add'l Fee: $35.00

Advanced Current Theory

Prerequisite: EELE 101 or ELCT 102.Corequisites: Online only: ELCT 208 and 209 must be taken concurrently. This course is a study of three-phase alternating current circuits and single and three-phase transformers and machines. The theory and operation of three-phase wye and delta circuits and the relationship of voltage, current and power in these circuits. The use of phasor algebra in the solution of alternating current problems is stressed as are the characteristics and use of electrical instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, and watt meters. Students learn the theory and operation of transformers with single and three-phase connections and are introduced to alternating current machines.

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