Fall Semester 2021 - Credit Courses

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HONR_155AN_01Honors I: Conservation Psychology
Meets: 8/25/2021-12/16/2021
Kalispell Campus
Note: Students must be admitted to the Honors Program to register for this class. This course will focus on conservation psychology, an interdisciplinary field which studies the relationship between human behavior and environmental conservation goals. As such, this course will explore wild, domestic, and managed nature; environmental problems; attitudes, values, and perceptions toward nature; environmental identity; environmental education; wildlife trade; and, sustainable behavior. This course involves reading, textbook and journal articles, group discussion, writing, and a presentation. Students can choose to use these 4 credits to satisfy either a Natural Science or Social Science A graduation requirement.
4crTTh9:00AM-10:50AMBSS 1334I Lorentzen

C Relyea

Honors I: Conservation Psychology

Prerequisite: acceptance into the Honors Program.This course involves critical analysis of major themes of the Social Sciences-A (Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology) coordinated and examined through one or more of the sciences. Skills in critical reading/analysis and the development of ideas through argument, writing, and oral communication will be utilized in order to engage student's knowledge, imagination, and creativity.

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