Spring Semester 2010 - Credit Courses

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NSCI_102NL_1The Nature of Science
Meets: 1/4/2010-1/15/2010
Intersession Course
Note: No refund of tuition and fees on spring intersession classes if dropped after 1/3/10.


SAT 150

SAT 100
3D Lundgren
Add'l Fee: $15.00

The Nature of Science

Corequisites: M 095, WRIT 101.This is a conceptual introduction to the basic principles embodied in the natural sciences, including chemistry, physics, geology, and biology. Fundamental themes of the course are the unifying concepts of the natural sciences as they have evolved, the history of scientific discoveries, and the evolution of scientific thought and the scientific process. The development of the inquiry processes used by scientists to test hypotheses will be stressed. A major focus will be on critical thinking, in a scientific context, applied to competing hypotheses in the history of science as well as to examples of borderline and pseudo-science. This course is suitable for students with little or no background in science. Laboratory work is included.

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